An eclectic mix of sports and events

Lancaster Park provides the most broad and varied history of any sports stadium in the country. It includes an eclectic mix of sports and events over its 130 years. From its opening in 1881 the Park included tracks to accommodate cycling, horse racing and athletics. Less well known was the fact that it was previously equipped to host major competitions in both tennis and swimming. There were a lot of festivals - including ballooning, marching and jamborees. Of course, the usual sports of rugby and cricket have dominated its history, but special events or occasions have been arranged to host hockey, rugby league and football – even Australian rules, softball and baseball. And alongside this rich sporting history are many famous non-sporting events – including visits from the Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Gloucester, the Pope, Billy Graham, and a plethora of hugely popular concerts, mainly during the late 1980’s to early 2000’s. Nothing compares to this rich tapestry of sport and events – where millions of visitors have created the most extraordinary story to celebrate.